To Anni

HI! If you’re reading this, you got that letter I sent you today 🙂 It won’t reach you YET, I mean, but yeah. Uh, anyways… how’s Heath? How about Clyve? Tell me in the comments!! Remember I told you about that bee that stung me near my eye? Well, in one of these notes I will show you the pictures… Ugh! That’s it… PLEASE PLEASE ASK YOUR PARENTS IF YOU GUYS CAN COME HERE!! Two days is NOT enough, right? I’m glad you guys came though… 😥

So! If you guys come here again, we can do another 4 COUSINS RADIO SHOW!! 😀 My old mic (microphone) broke, but I got a HEADSET which is HEADPHONES (remember it sounded really cool with them on while it was recording) withmic!!!!!! So that’s cool… I just coughed and got spit on the laptop. Ew. Bye, love you!!

❤ Ava Sage


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